Solanoo - Bio

solanoo was born on a spring
morning at the Presidio, San

From a young age he has
questioned everything,
especially what others told
him about life and living.

Seeing that both government
education and religious doct-
rines mislead people intention-
ally, he set out to discover for
himself the meaning and beauty
of existence.

He quit school and traveled ex-
tensively, learning and exper-
iencing life in it's infinite variety.
He has worked as a (amoung
other things) construction work-
er, cab driver, writer, mover,
dishwasher, salesperson, phone
operator, carny, tour guide and
entrepreneur. He has also worked
at a spa, print shop, art store, on
an assembly line, as a kitchen
manager, and for the Youth Con-
servation Corps, the Census
Bureau, the Food Bank, and
the Alaska Laborers Union.

He has performed and taught
across the Americas and
at countless unmapped locales.

solanoo has spent several years
living outdoors, and would like to
dedicate this site to Mother Earth,
the crystal-blue star of the Cosmos.

Solanoo - Bio

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